Silver Lamination Machine

Thermal Sigma is a Leading Industrial Laminating Machine and Silver Lamination Machine Manufacturer that are designed to add an adhesive paper on a flexible material. The glue paper will be laminated through a calendar system which will apply the pressure. We are Also Lamination for Digital Print Manufacturer and Lamination for Corrugation Manufacturer in India. This Machinery is being used by numerous printing, packaging and industrial laminating machine house throughout the country. These Laminating Machines provide a high quality finish for print, Thermal for Digital Print Manufacturer, Thermal with Cutting, Thermal for Digital Print, Lamination for Digital Print, Lamination for Corrugation. Having an installation in house means that machines are able to give faster and better services at very low costing. The SIGMA Laminator is a compact piece of equipment require minimum valuable floor space and it is simple to operate and maintain. It is the perfect companion for all modern printers.

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