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industrial lamination machine

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The SIGMA Laminators, used by numerous Printing, Packaging and Industrial house throughout the country, the SIGMA Laminator provide a high quality finish for print. Having an installation in house means that printers are able to give their customers a faster and better services, same time give the cost low.

Simple to operate and maintain, the SIGMA Laminator is a compact piece of equipment require minimum valuable floor space. It is the perfect companion for all modern printers.


Sheets of printed matter are fed continuously to the lamination station by hand feed on the conveyor belts at the large conveyor table, so no need of extra feeding table.

DELIVERY (Sheet to Roll) :

Delivery of the finished lamination is through the back of the laminator to rewinding station. The sheets may be separate after proper curing.


Most types of thin plastic film, Matt, Golden, Silver, Polyester, BOPP & PVC etc. Normally water based adhesives are used.


Normally water based adhesives are used.


Variable speed drive is mounted in the laminator for setting desired machine speed. The speed varies from minimum one meter per minute to maximum eighty five meters per minute. Production approx. 5500 /sheets/hour.


The adhesive coated film is bonded to the printed sheets at the laminating station, with the help of the manually / pneumatically controlled pressure system.


Maintenance of SIGMA Laminator is minimum and access to all parts of laminator is quick and simple. We also provide round the clock after sales service.

The machine is ideal for both side lamination (Optional).

Technical Specification

Model SIGMA LM-25" SIGMA LM-30/34/36" SIGMA LM-40/42/50"
Machine size depends on your requirement
Paper Stock Range 90-400 GSM 90-400 GSM 100-400 GSM
* Max. Machine Speed 85 Mtr / Min. 80 Mtr / Min. 75 Mtr / Min.
Power Supply 220V AC, Single Phase, 50 Hz 220V AC, Single Phase, 50 Hz 220V AC, Single Phase, 50 Hz
Motor Power 1.5 HP DC / AC 2 HP DC / AC 3 HP DC / AC
Variable Drive DC Dimmer / AC Drive DC Dimmer / AC Drive DC Dimmer / AC Drive
Rubber Roller Pressure Manual OR Pneumatic (Optional at extra cost) Manual OR Pneumatic (Optional at extra cost) Manual OR Pneumatic (Optional at extra cost)
Sheet Feeding Manual Manual Manual
Sheet To Roll Attachment Inbuilt Inbuilt Inbuilt

* Subject to Paper Thickness / GSM

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the specifications of the equipment without notice, in order to improve performance.